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Data protection authorities across Europe are finding Google Analytics in breach of the GDPR, due to transfers data outside the EU without adequate safeguards.

Despite Google taking steps to increase the regulation of data transfers within the Google Analytics service, the current processes still do not meet the requirements of the GDPR.

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How Publishers Can Build a Privacy-First, GDPR-Compliant Analytics Strategy

Data privacy regulations are evolving. Across the globe, data-driven businesses are at an inflection point, as the shifting privacy landscape affects basic analytics and data collection and usage. Google Analytics has been slow to comply with European privacy laws, putting the onus on publishers to develop their own solutions.

Piano’s comprehensive guide, “Putting Privacy First: Building a Data Analytics Strategy that’s Compliant with EU Privacy Laws,” can help publishers understand the implications of noncompliance.


Data analytics built for the modern era

At Piano, the privacy and security of client data is one of our highest priorities with transparency standards the provide control of how your data is collected and used.

A powerful and GDPR-compliant analytics solution

Piano Analytics has a long track record of helping businesses stay compliant with data protection regulations and keep up with the latest developments in data privacy.

In the analytics market, our platform is the most privacy-friendly solution in terms of GDPR and ePrivacy regulation. We are fully transparent about data and privacy practices, so you will always know where your data is processed and stored.

Together, we can work on your website's privacy compliance and show your audience how important their privacy rights are to you.

Piano Analytics, the first solution to be approved by the CNIL, meets the requirements of the GDPR.

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