9 Stats for Subscription Success

Personalised journeys for each subscriber, driven by a deeper, data-driven understanding of their needs, are essential to successfully growing your subscription business. By better influencing every user's decisions and anticipating their next best action, you can maximise revenue and keep churn levels down with confidence. Consider these nine stats that can help you build a subscription business that achieves both immediate and sustained success.


Increase in likelihood of registered users subscribing vs. anonymous visitors

Annual subscriptions are 65% more likely to renew after Year 1 than monthly subscriptions


Higher conversion rate achieved with hard stops vs. bottom ribbons


Average increase in retention rate by switching to paid trials

Optimising for new subscribers can result in 800% higher lift over the first quarter by the end of Year 2


Increase in conversion rates when users are required to turn off ad blocking

34.2% of churn is passive but passive churners make up half of all winback

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